A list of issues about which decisions need to be made. See also Work packages.

  • Form of RDF (what triples)
  • Form of HTML generated from RDF via XSLT
  • Ontology to be used (by the generated RDF)
  • Media type (application/xml vs. application/rdf+xml vs. application/xhtml+xml)
  • Hash versus slash
  • URI format upgrades
  • Business model (not a technical issue, put elsewhere in wiki)
  • Primary form in which curated idspace information is stored
  • User interface for updating idspace information (curation)

(From an older issues list)

  • How to initialize the databank registry
  • How to maintain registry of third-party value-added services
  • Choice of software platform
  • How to implement redundancy and failover
  • Ways to access server information - e.g sparql, downloads of various forms, feeds